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Battlefield 4 Tournament

Battlefield 4 Tournament

Posted 12/10/2013, by Modded. (5) Comments

To celebrate the release of this years hottest release, Battlefield 4, on Saturday the 2nd of November we will be holding a Battlefield 4 tournament with 500 pounds in cold hard CASH up for grabs to the winning team!

Stay tuned and register your interest on the forums for more information on this event!

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Holy smokes batman! ?100 each?! Now I need to get my training bra on for this in a few weeks time :)
by psimon85, 12/10/2013
I knew it!!! I need day off then at work...
by chovan, 12/10/2013
Me an my mate went last time. Age (16), can we go to the bf4 one of the staff said you can come next time. I'm just checking as the age restrictions
by CoWilco, 13/10/2013
cash prize, certainly better than credit haha
by want3d, 14/10/2013
CoWilko...I see no issue with 16 y/o participating. We may encounter problems with anybody under that age though.
by psimon85, 21/10/2013

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